Reasons Why Bisexual Women Dating is Difficult


Some of us don’t realize how hard the bisexual women dating are. There are some reasons why we get troubled when it comes to such kind of date. The most common problem is that some women are freaky and greedy! They aren’t enough with a man so they look for a date with a woman. This is our problem actually. We need to overcome it sooner. In the worst case, we are only a tool to spice up those bisexual women’s boring relationship. If we aren’t aware with this fact, we only end up being disappointed and hurt. Thus, it’s hard to find a bisexual woman who is purely interested with us.

The Trustworthiness Issue

Bisexual women will be skeptical with us. They consider us as a fake. They think that we are only pretending to be in the same boat as them. Here’s the fact. Almost all bisexuals can’t commit. There’s a common knowledge that bisexuals has no quality in faith. All of us don’t want to get hurt due to cheating. For some reasons, those bisexual women will get extra hurt when we cheat on them. In a nutshell, bisexuals are unsecured. Trustworthiness is a sensitive issue among these women. We should know how to gain their trust if we want to have a successful relationship.

LGBT isn’t just only a community. But, it’s also a family. If we have difficulties with bisexual women dating, this means we don’t fit in with such big family. Just because we want to be accepted into the family doesn’t mean we must be a bisexual too. The hardest part is our identity crisis. As a man, we should know where we stand. What can we do actually? We need to be ourselves. We don’t need to do something unnecessary just for being accepted by those people. If it’s impossible to join the family, we should give in.

We Are Thinking Too Much

The next reason is the way we think about bisexual women. Most of us are thinking too much about the result. We need to have more confidence when dealing with bisexual women. Perhaps these women are feeling lucky if they can have us. We only need to do something that we must do. The rest is their decision whether or not they are going with us. It can be either a fun or serious relationship too. We should enjoy every moment with these women actually. If we are lucky, they will get attached to us in a significant way.

In summary, bisexual women dating isn’t something scary at all. Still, we must know their characteristics beforehand. Earning their trust is the biggest obstacle. Each bisexual woman is different, though. Most of them experience hardship and discrimination in life. Earning a commitment from these women is quite intricate too. It’s quite rare to find a reliable and faithful bisexual woman. As a reminder, we also need to determine whether or not we are going to have a serious relationship with a bisexual woman. This will help us getting the best partner for a long-term connection.

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