Be Prepared And Date With A Bisexual Women

When you find yourself have the chance to date a sexy bisexual women, what’s your feeling? Unacceptable and give the chance to date the bi women then looking for another girlfriend? Or excited but don’t know how to hold the heart of bisexual women?

The tips for you dating a bisexual woman below! Read it if you are interested in the approach of dating with bisexual women.


bisexual women
bisexual women

Be prepared emotionally and physically

Dating a bisexual woman means getting luckier than what you hope. While dating a bisexual women, it’s the best that she share her girlfriends with you. Even though she only wants one man and one girlfriend who are to remain mutually exclusive, you might go out with her. So be prepared to have two women, not only emotionally but also physically( you know, what I mean, yes, how exciting that have two women in bed!)


Sharing is important

At first, you might love the idea of having two women, but then again, one of them might be into your girlfriend’s girlfriend. (Bisexual means love both women and men, but most bisexual women might love women more than men.) Don’t be jealousy when she asks you if you want to watch them. Dating a bisexual woman means she might share her girlfriend with you, and you should sharing her. If you cannot accept sharing and be shared, you should see your feelings again, if you are prepared to accept and date with bisexual women.

 Accept her thinking of her girlfriend

This is nothing personal against you and it’s not a slight, if she wants to be with other women but not you. Don’t forget she is bi! It does not mean she doesn’t love you if she is thinking of her girlfriend. Accept her and understand her!

 Share her sexuality with her

Just accept her sexuality is not enough, share it with her. Talk with her about men, look at women’s magazines together as if she’s a guy friend, for she has many same types of thoughts as you. The more you can share, the more you will share in her life.

 Thinking about marriage

Can you be married to a bisexual women? Ask yourself before you get involved. You might think that you’re only in this for the sex, but what if it gets deeper? Be prepared emotionally for this possibility.

Dating a bisexual women can be sexually exciting, even something that leads to a happy and lasting marriage. But be prepared, be honest with your feelings! Wish you find your love and live a happy life.


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